General Information


The average temperature in October is "only" 10°C, a significant five-degree drop since September, yet also still five degrees warmer than November. While the mercury may drop to a chilly average low of 6°C at night, the afternoons are still relatively pleasant with an average high of 14°C


Opening times on weekdays are 9:00 to 18:00, some until 20:00 on Thursday or Friday. On Saturdays, most shops close at 18:00. All shops, with very few exceptions, remain closed on Sundays.

Currency and credit cards

The Austrian currency is the EURO (€). Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept internationally valid credit cards.


The current electricity used in Austria is 220 V, with 50 Hz frequency.

Public transport

Vienna has a dense and extensive public transport network. It consists of underground (called “U-Bahn”), tramways (typical Viennese call it “Bim”) and buses operated by the Vienna Transport Authority (Wiener Linien). Additionally there is a metro railway network (called “S-Bahn”) run by the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB, which reaches out to the vicinity of Vienna. Tickets are sold from dispensers, Wiener Linien ticket counters, in tobacco kiosks and directly on tramways. Please note that there are no dispensers in the underground, bus or railway, you have to buy and validate tickets before entering. Tickets can be purchased online as well. One ticket is valid for all public transportation within Vienna! Website Vienna Transport Authority (Wiener Linien):